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Homemade Thermite (you might need to cut a lock or weld some metal)


1 part fine iron oxide powder (rust)
2 parts aluminum powder (bars leak might work)
magnesium strip (survival kit, 1,000's of lights ring a bell?)

(NOTE: You may have to adjust your ingredients, depending on the quality of your source materials, "your individual mileage may vary".)

Mix the iron oxide and aluminum powder well (very well). Place into a container and set the magnesium in the mix where you can easily light the magnesium. The magnesium is required to get the powders hot enough to ignite. Once lit, get away, this stuff burns at 4,000 degrees.

Don't store this stuff, only mix as you need it. (note, not my comment below.)

NOTE: The finer and higher quality your ingredients are, the easier it is to light. However, larger chunks of aluminum create a better burn. (Always keep your rust dust as fine as possible to achieve maximum surface area) So layer it. Use torn pieces of aluminum can on the bottom and fine dust right on top. If the aluminum powder is of good enough quality, you can light it with a few match heads.

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