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1911, .45 ACP
Action: Single action semi-automatic
Caliber: .45 ACP typically, though available in variety of calibers
Capacity: 7 rounds for mil-spec (high capacity magazines available)
Sights: Standard military dovetail sights
Accessories: The 1911 is quite possibly the most popular handgun of all time,
therefore it quite possibly has the greatest aftermarket of any handgun.
Purchase Price: Varies, $300 - $2500 is typical range
Rock Island 1911
I'm no historian, and if you're looking for a detailed story about how the 1911 came into fruition this isn't the place. Try wikipedia, google and/or a library for that information if you're so inclined. I'm really not very knowledgeable about the 1911 but I've fired my fair share of them, some very basic models and some highly built ones; and they're all excellent. The knock down power of the .45 ACP cartridge is not to be overlooked, though to shoot this round accurately it takes discipline and practice as its more powerful than most handgun cartridges.
The 1911 is single action only. What this means is that the trigger doesn't cock the hammer for you; it must be cocked prior to the first shot. This can be remedied by cocked-and-locked carry, however I'm not very trusting of this personally, as my experience is with the Cash-In-Transit business and I'm used to getting in and out of vehicles and this seems like something that would easily be "unlocked" getting in or out of an armored car, presenting a very dangerous situation; however with practice and being EXTREMELY careful this shouldn't be a problem. If you're just wearing it and not engaging in a lot of climbing you should be good. In World War 2, many soldiers carried their 1911's with one in the chamber and the hammer down and would cock the hammer with their thumb or other hand before firing and this is probably preferential for long term carrying. I also suggest that because of the size of the 1911, it may not be a bad idea to purchase a "shoulder holster" or tactical drop-leg holster, but make sure to purchase one that fits and is comfortable.
One can expect to pay a considerable amount for the 1911 though there are some bargains out there. One company overlooked is Rock Island Armory who has extremely good deals. At www.centerfiresystems.com these can be found in a variety of different grades in prices from $350 to $700, high end being a match gun. The 1911 pictured above is a Rock Island Armory, and the cheapest they have listed at Centerfire Systems.9mm Luger vs .45 ACP Before firing your 1911, if it comes with parkerized magazines you should disassemble the magazine and smooth the finish on it some, as its been known to rub the magazine well causing the finish to come off inside the firearm and may possibly be a jamming concern. Disassemble the magazine and put some gun oil on the outside of the magazine, allowing it to soak in for a few seconds. Take some steel wool and put some oil on it, and rub in downward strokes, front the feeding lips of the magazine, every couple of strokes wiping the excess away with a paper towel. This shouldn't damage the finish on the magazine and may potentially keep from damaging the firearm. Some people advocate completely removing the parkerizing from the top of the magazine but I believe this is unnecessary. This can easily be avoided by purchasing stainless steel or blued magazines.
The 1911 was designed to shoot military ball ammunition and some hollowpoint cartridges may jam or stovepipe in your new gun. I suggest trying it with a few different hollowpoint rounds but if it doesn't feed reliably either use FMJ or take the 1911 to a gunsmith to have the barrel throated and polished so it'll feed the JHP's we all so dearly love. Before shooting your new 1911 (or any new firearm) make sure to read the instruction manual and properly clean it before using. In fact, this should be done regularly until you're comfortable doing it quickly. The 1911 is unique the first time you try to reassemble it and takes some practice....make sure you get this practice before "the long hike." Parkerizing is durable but has some special maintenance needs that should be addressed. It is highly advantageous to allow the finish to absorb some oil into it, which makes it even more durable. Don't smother it but a light spray of your favorite CLP will do the trick. Take good care of it and it'll be there for you.
If I had to rate the 1911 in terms of performance, I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars, determined below:
Durability - 5 Power - 5 Ease of maintenance - 3 Concealing - 3 Accuracy - 4
Pictured above is this 1911, on sale listed below.
This is the Kimber copy of the Colt 1911 pistol.
The Mag with 5 holes is a standard 7 rd Mag

The Mag with 6 holes is the 8 rd Mag
That's not counting one in the chamber.
Kiber 2

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